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White Blonde Hair and Black and White Hair

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White hair leaves a bold fashion statement concerning the person wearing it. It requires to be neatly done to look good though. Are you wondering what options there are for wearing white blonde hair? Have you been fancying wearing a black and white hairstyle? We have put together styles on these that you will love. Read on to learn about them.  

White Blonde Hair

There are a number of styles that one can pull off with white blonde hair. Opt for one that boosts your confidence and which leaves you feeling great both inside and out. Sample some ideas below.

White Blonde Hair Extensions

Extended white blonde hair 1
Extended white blonde hair 1
Extended white blonde hair
Extended white blonde hair

White blonde hair extensions give time for one to grow their natural hair. They help give hair a break and give it time to grow to desired lengths. They can be used while one is transforming either to or from blonde hair so as to avoid drastic changes.

They also help one to get the toned hair color without damaging their hair. Once the obsession with the look is over, you can take them off and resume your normal hair color. The advantage with them is that even after this, one can turn them into any other desirable color they wish.

When hair is bleached, it undergoes massive damage. As a result split ends may occur. Using white blonde extensions will help to conceal this. In case some fall out occurred in the process, they can be used to add volume and length. This leaves you with a fantastic shiny look.

The greatest advantage that white blonde hair extensions give must be that they are not permanent as opposed to bleaching and toning. These are reversible and where one does not like them, they can take them off without regretting having damaged their hair with an irreversible style.

Long White Blonde Hair

Long white blonde hair needs extra care to retain its glory. Heat treatments should be reduced to minimal to keep it healthy and looking fresh.  To keep it well moisturized, limit its breakage and split ends, purchase the best hair care products.

To avoid excessive fallout of the hair, minimize washing. Ensure that your scalp is well nourished by taking a balanced diet to make it strong.

Short White Blonde Hair

A short white blond hair is likely to draw attention to the face. Since there is not much length for those who see you to drool over, all facial features will be more pronounced by a short blond hair.

One can have it parted so as to fall on the eyes if that is where they want people to focus on.  This hair style will have the color of the face and of the eyes become more conspicuous. For people with brightly colored lips, this is the hairstyle to make people recognize them

With so many naturally attention grabbing elements, you don’t want to look overdone. Go slow on the makeup and mostly use natural and nude hues. The clothes should also complement the hair style.

Short White Blonde Pictures

Short white blonde hairstyle 1
Short white blonde hairstyle 1
Short white blonde hairstyle 2
Short white blonde hairstyle 2

Short white blonde hairstyle 3
Short white blonde hairstyle 3
Short white blonde hairstyle 4
Short white blonde hairstyle 4

Black and white Hair and Half Black Half White Hair

Black and White Hair Styles

There are people who enjoy drawing attention to themselves without having to call out to people. Dramatic hairstyles are one of the ways this is achieved.  The black and white hair color mixture is a striking and bold trend usually displayed by unique personalities.

It involves having your hair stripped with both black and white strands. With time, this innovative design in the field of hair dye has opened up room for creativity in coming up with various hairstyles for it.

The bob is one area that has seen this design implemented. The back gets clipped up. The hair edges up from the neck where the hair is shaved.  This way, it starts short from the back and increases in length on the side. It is then parted on one side.

To achieve a black and white look, the shaved part around the neck will be dyed black in such a way that the black is tucked under the rest of the hair. The hair is then evenly sectioned into partitions of around two inches. The sections will then alternately be dyed black and white.

Black and white hair
Wavy lack and white hair
Layered bob hairstyle
Layered bob hairstyle

Teased pageboy hair style is another excellent style that can pull off the black and white look. It consists of short hair with the ends pointing out. For a black and white touch, the person wearing it may decide to have the tips white and the rest of the hair black or the tips black and the rest of the hair white.

There have also been creative mixtures in long hair where the two are used. Black is mostly used around the cheeks while the rest of the hair gets even distribution of both black and white. Long wavy hair gives the owners some extra responsibility in case they want to have a combination. This is because one has to strike a balance for the outcome to be superb.

It is also possible to have a half black and half white hair do. This is best pulled out by people with long hair.

The black and white color mixture is certainly dramatic and beautiful if well done. This is more so if the dominant color is black and a few of some strategic strands designed to be colored white. When white is used as the primary color it has the advantage of grabbing more attention. Whichever style of the black and white hair color combination one chooses, it stands to be distinct and bold.

Christina Aguilera Black and White Hair

Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera is known for red carpet hairstyles

Christina Aguilera is known for bold and unique red carpet hairstyles. She rocked a black and white hair do and this is what a beauty commentary had to say about it: “We may want to, but we can’t forget the days when every pop starlet had two-toned hair and Christina led the pack. Believe it or not, her black and white ‘do at the VH1 Big in 2002 Awards was the most subtle we could find from this time.”


She is a classic example of how one can pull off this look fabulously.

 Black and White Hair Salon

For one to get that gorgeous black and white look, they are better of visiting a black and white hair salon. These mostly specialize in these kinds of styles and one is not likely to be disappointed.

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