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White Hair Toner, Shampoo and White Hair Extension

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For people contemplating to make a bold move and make a statement with their hair, they should consider turning it white. This would require that one does it in the best manner to prevent it from falling out as a result of inappropriate bleaching. Below we discuss how to user white hair toner products, shampoo for white hair and white hair extensions. These will help you pull off a white hair head with confidence.

White Hair Toner

White hair toner is the product that is used to change hair that has been bleached blonde to white. The first step to toning your hair white is to lighten it to a blonde shade. It is after this that hair treachery is applied to make it appear white.

Blonde hair bleached  to white
Blonde hair and after  bleaching it

Blonde hair can be said to be light yellow. To make it white, you would have to mask it with a color that is in its opposite in the color wheel. This is why white toners are violet in color as this is the color that is in its opposite in the color wheel. This is what cancels the yellowness and gives your hair a white color.

For a successful toning process, one has to start with healthy hair. In the months preceding toning, do not treat your hair with any chemicals. Use natural hair products to ensure that the hair is not stripped off its natural oils and genetic makeup. Heat treatments should also be avoided since they weaken the hair. Only use natural styling products. If possible the process should be done on greasy hair. Do not wash it before starting the process.

If you are doing this at home, you will need to buy the products. These are:

  • Bleach powder
  • Cream developer
  • Toner
  • Red Gold Corrector
  • Purple shampoo
  • Tint brush, gloves, mixing bowl, plastic wrap, hair clips, towels

To bleach your hair, mix the bleaching ingredients well

Sparkling white hair after toning
Sparkling white hair after toning
  • Depending on your hair density and length, add bleach powder into the mixing bowl. Add the correct amount of developer and blend them well using a stirring rod. Add the required amount of red gold corrector.
  • Clip your hair to ease sectioning. Apply the bleach ensuring that your hair is well covered and no strand is left uncoated. Start from the tip towards the roots.
  • Cover the hair with a plastic wrap and let it  set in for 30minutes.A few minutes could be added depending on whether results are perfect. This will ensure the color sticks but it should never be made to stay in for more than 50 minutes since this could lead to hair breakage and fallout.
  • Rinse out the bleach and shampoo. Condition your hair and let it air dry. It should be a bright yellow blonde color by the time you are done.

Once the bleaching is over, it is now time to make use of the white hair toner

  • Mix the toner, developer and red corrector in the proportions specified in the instructions.
  • Ensure hair is completely dry and apply the toner from the tips to the roots. Pay attention to the roots as they are always the darkest part of the hair.
  • Cover hair with plastic cap and let it sit in for 30minutes or for the time specified in the package.
  • Rinse out the toner, shampoo and condition the hair
  • The hair should now be sparkling white. Any part that did not yield should undergo the same process but only after a few days.

White Hair Extensions

White hair is not for people who do not have time for the maintenance it requires since a lot of care is needed to keep it appealing as toning is not permanent. Bleaching hair also makes it weak and some hair styling techniques may cause it more harm.

Girl with extended white hair
Girl with extended white hair

For people who are not ready to commit to toning, it would be better to go for white hair extensions. People with white hair already can also have the white hair extensions too if they want to achieve the following:

  • They can be used to add length and volume to hair that is thinning or falling out.
  • They can be used to transform existing hair styles. A bob could be turned into a mane. As long as hair is about 3 inches long, it is possible for it to undergo a transformation. Very short hair may limit the extent to which a change can be made.

The great thing with using white hair extensions is that they can be glued in, braided in or just clipped. This will be determined by the reason for what we want it and for how long we plan to don it. The amount of money we are ready to invest in the white weave will also determine the mode of attachment. For example, for a one night special event, one can have it clipped in.

Once done with your white look, one can add highlights or color to the extension. The reverse is also possible. One can tone extensions of a different color in the same way as earlier discussed to make it white. Any process picked to fix the extension is never painful.

For a fabulous look using a white hair extension, visit a professional stylist.

Shampoo for White Hair

White hair can be sparkling and bright if well maintained. It could also be dry and brittle if it is not well taken care of. This is due to the fact that it tends to be naturally drier and coarser than other hair types. Fortunately, there is a wide range of products designed for enhancement of its luster and for its hydration too.

White toned hair should not be washed too much since this strips it off its natural oils. Remember a lot of strain has been put on it through the bleaching process. When one does wash it, they should use purple/ violet shampoos as they tend to neutralize any yellow tones there may be in white hair. They are also designed to keep white hair looking freshly done. Go for one among the many brands meant for bleached hair

Snow White Hair

Snow white hair
Snow white hair

For people with already white hair, it is possible to get it to the lightest shade. This takes a number of rounds of bleaching. The process is pretty much like that used while toning hair.

  • Use the kit’s instructions to prepare the bleach
  • Apply the bleach mix
  • Shampoo and condition
  • Do the same for the toner
  • Repeat as may be necessary to obtain snow white hair.

Remember too much bleaching causes harm to your hair. Be aware of this as you undergo the bleaching and decide if it is really what you want.

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