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White Mole on Face, Head, Back & Scalp

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This post explores the rare white moles. Discussed in it are white mole on skin, face, back and head. There also is information about white spots on mole and white crusty moles.

There are no known dangers of having white moles. These are simply parts of the skin that have lost pigmentation. The cause of the whiteness is attributed to the body’s efforts in fighting moles. They are susceptible to sunburns and could at times be an indication of melanoma when they start to evolve and show some inconsistencies.

White Mole on Skin

White moles tend to start appearing on the average age of 15years. This skin condition is known to affect one percent of the population. They are most common on the back but can also be found on the head, face and scalp. They do not affect the limbs.

White mole on skin
White mole on skin

They form in either of two ways. They could occur as isolated cases of white moles occurring randomly or they could form around an existing mole. The latter is most common. Where they form around an existing mole, the skin around it suffers hypopigmentation and hence the white coloration.

This kind of mole tends to have distinct characteristics just like any other type. They are either oval or round, symmetrical with well-defined borders and rarely too big. The only difference is that unlike other types of moles, white moles do not contain melanocytes. Over the years, the halo nevi as they are scientifically referred to, tends to gain back the color pigmentation.

They are also common in people with vitiligo. In rare occasions, the moles might turn into melanoma. It is important to have them inspected and monitored in order to rule out melanoma and vitiligo. This is more so when the borders of the mole are not well defined and when they are asymmetrical. Unless the mole has developed atypical features, there normally is no need for their removal.

White Mole on Face

The presence of a white mole on face is normally an autoimmune response of the body. The body could select a particular mole on face for destruction. This could be attributed to the fact that the body perceives the mole as an abnormal thing.  For reasons which are unknown, the body selects a particular mole or moles for destruction. This could be one that is on the face.

White mole on face
White mole on face

When a white mole on the face forms around a pre-existing mole, the one in the middle is rarely malignant. Since the face is susceptible to direct sunlight, sunburns at times cause destruction on the moles. This makes them to be recognized as foreign things by the body

When this happens, special white cells attack the cells responsible for pigment formation. This leads to the fading away of skin color in the central mole from dark color to light before eventually disappearing completely. This reaction at times affects normal skin that is around the mole too. They tend to develop on some and not all moles.

When this type of mole forms on the face, they could leave a person self-conscious. This could lower their self-esteem especially due to their conspicuousness. If this is the case, the affected person could settle for mole removal.  This could be done through excision or the shave method. The dermatologist will be in a position to instruct on which is the best method depending on its size and location.

To prevent the face against getting white moles:

  • Try and stay away from the sun during the time it is strongest. This is normally between 11.00am and 3.00pm.
  • Wear a hat that has a wide brim as well as sunglasses when going out.
  • Wear a high factor sunscreen when venturing out. It should have a minimum SPF 15. Reapply as regularly as may be necessary more so after swimming.
  • Sunbeds and sunlamps should be avoided since they give out UV rays which are dangerous and could accelerate formation of white moles on the face.

    White Mole on Scalp
    White Mole on Scalp

White Mole on Scalp

It is only on rare circumstances when there may be a white mole on the head. When it does form on the scalp, it is possible that the area around it will be hairless. In case there happens to be some hair, it could be white or grey. This is as a result of the destruction of pigment cells with time. When the main mole disappears with time, re-pigmentation occurs. The scalp and the hair gain back their normal color. This kind of moles can also be seen in patients suffering from psoriasis.

White moles on the scalp are self-healing. They therefore need no treatment. The only time one should seek medical attention is when there are atypical signs especially on the main mole.

White Mole on Back

The most common part of the body where these moles can be found is on the back. White moles on the back may not be easily visible. The only time one could take notice of them is when doing monthly skin inspections.

Most often than not, the mole will form around one that is not malignant. There is thus no need to worry about it. However, in case some atypical characteristics such as uneven border, asymmetry and increase in size are noticed, one should consult the dermatologist.

White Spot on Mole
White Spot on Mole

White Spot on Mole

A white spot on mole is normally one of the stages involved in the complete formation of moles that are white in color. The process of formation is a long one and it could take a number of years to complete the cycle.

It starts off with the formation of a pale white skin that surrounds a previously damaged mole. This then becomes less pigmented and the pigmentation continues to fade away. When this stage is done, a white oval or circular area of depigmentation occurs all over the pigmented mole and the coloration spreads inwards with time. After some time, the affected mole disappears and the skin starts to return to the normal skin color it was before.

White Crusty Mole

When one notices a crusty mole, they should get their dermatologist to check on it. A full examination of the skin is likely to be carried out as this could have been triggered by some malignancy elsewhere on the skin.

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  1. My son is turning 17 and i just notice this particular kind of mole on his scalp.they’re white pigments like long grain of rice…im concern about this ..he says it doesn’t hurts..i have never seen this kinds of baby moles growing in group like the ones my son got..


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